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Tax Consulting


How do you know if you are receiving the right tax advice? Let us provide a second opinion. We review your previous returns for missed credits and incentives to examine the potential to defer taxes, recover tax over-payments, or minimize future liability.

Our comprehensive tax package is a complete evaluation of a client’s tax position in terms of past, present and future analysis. This includes potential missed tax credits or incentives and recommendations to minimize or defer present or future taxation. This approach helps us and our clients better understand their financial position and stay focused on their tax plan.

Signs of a Weak Tax Strategy.

The number one indicator that your tax benefits may be compromised is that you only hear from your tax accountant once a year.

Every organization and individual should have a tax plan. Our professionals develop tax plans to utilize existing tax credits or incentives and to maximize the tax saving potential from significant events in their clients personal and business lives. 

Let us walk you through the process to help you better understand the role taxes play in your financial position.

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