Or you could do it the Apple way and just make it work for the most common use model. It needs some work. We havent had a major rule change since the three-point shot which I think came in 1987. He took 30 shots, made 17 and nailed half of his 14 3-pointers, including the game-winner from . For youth development, I agree with you. But I didn't want to let the article get too long and wanted to pick what I thought were the top 10 or less. Copyright 2023 Breakthrough Basketball, LLC. I learned a lot from losing. I really appreciate you and your website.-Jacob Kelly. At the highest levels of basketball, youll see video coordinators and assistant coaches using it to measure everything from a certain plays success, to how they hedge off screens or deploy a certain defense. During Moreys tenure with the Rockets, they only missed the playoffs a total of three times in 13 seasons and the Rockets hold the current longest playoff streak of any team in the NBA of 10 straight playoff-bound seasons, all of which came under Daryl Moreys management. Those situations are amazing in what you see.. OReb% = OReb / (OReb + Opponents DReb). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Ty Evans Feb 24, 2021 at 7:11 pm. ). Effective Field Goal percentage gives you an accurate reading on who is shooting better you or your opponent. I'm a youth coach, and have parents enter the stats during games. And this is coming from a coach known for the elaborate and large amount of individual offensive sets he runs over the course of a game. Note that the further right along the x-axis a point is, the more reliable the data is as it represents a higher sample size of that particular scoring method. So I look down and might see that our defensive rebounding is terrible and we have 5 more turnovers than the opponent. So we keep a team % of raiders and it lets us know how we are responding to bad situations such as turnovers. We had a group where the first and fourth quarter were were really good numbers, but for some reason in the second quarter we just werent as good efficiency-wise, so were trying to figure out, why is that? Overall I enjoyed your thoughts, and found them valuable. Sixteen minus fourteen is equal to? Team A ran a slower-paced game, and had 24 total possessions, while Team B was in a faster-paced game with 40 total possessions. However we have quite a few people in other countries using the app and it works fine for them. With all due respect, I think your stats are important at any level, starting with youth sports. (Note: Be sure to look at the summary report at the end of this article to get a better visual of how you can use these stats. Now after looking at the 4 stats above, you can drill down into the next 5 key stats to get a clearer picture of what's happening. If anyone has a better way to convey these ideas or a better way to look at stats, we'd love to hear it. They've scored just 93.3 points per 100 possessions in the halfcourt, which ranks 22nd in the league, per CTG, just ahead of the lottery-bound Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets. The more prepared, the more organized team has a bigger advantage over the more talented team. That could happen more often during Arizona high school basketball games if the state moves forward with a 35-second shot clock. The NBAs shot clock is 24 seconds. Great stat that I do look at. Looking at stats helps you figure out what you should be practicing and avoid that mistake. There are four quarters. Possessions for the sake of some useful performance metrics are essentially the number of opportunities a team has to score. A player who shoots 4 for 10 on all two-point baskets has a standard FG% of 40% and an eFG% of 40%. Obviously with basketball the game moves much faster. The Miami Heat, a very dominant 3-point shooting team, made the 3-pointers they were given by the Bucks defense who failed to adjust, and thus, the Heat won the series in 5 games. While unexciting, these discoveries can also be taken into account for the way a high-school team plays defense. Thus, the app leaves it up to the user to decide if it should be counted as a turnover. This is a general statement that should be reexamined on a team-by-team . Have you seen all the intricately-nuanced metrics the NBA tracks? If theyre above .8, were not happy. Mid-range shots are the second outlier, with an abysmal 0.516 PPP on 62 attempts/possessions. The Internet's #1 Website for Basketball Camps, Resources and Learning Products. I share the data I am tracking with our other coaches, and that is one set of data that I cannot show them unless they actually look on my ipad. Yes, I do think Points Per Possession is a very valuable stat!I actually do look at that stat and it is reported in the Breakthrough Stats App.Points Per Possession gives you a very accurate indication of the effectiveness of your defense and your offense. Ellis also points out that the average number of possessions, statistically, in a high school basketball game is 65. Your email address will not be published. The Writers Guild of America said its 11,500 unionized screenwriters will walk the picket line Tuesday. At the high school level, youll see teams using the points per possession marks to judge how efficient their offense was on a particular night, taking the final point tally out of it. And if you examine each of the 5 stats above, you'll see they have a big impact on the game and feed directly into the 4 top level stats. I agree that turnover stats are very important. Archbishop Williams (14-0, 1) There's the Bishops, then a wide gap and then everybody else in the . I almost always find one relative that loves to keep the stats. There is always room for improvement and there's always something you can do better. Table; Per 100 Team Possessions Shooting Advanced; Rk Season Lg Age Ht Wt G FG FGA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS FG% 3P% FT% Pace eFG% TOV% . There are only about 70 possessions for each team in the average college basketball game, so these numbers are higher that the points-per-game statistics you see used by the media. For an example of what a possession chart looks like in use, check out this chart for a completed quarter. Its simple. Maybe you're focusing on the wrong things? Defensively, fouling keeps your team from running in transition, can get key players in foul trouble, and thwarts all your hard work on defensive possessions. More so than any other app we have tried. If you can build a team that is scoring off assists you are starting something special. Again, most of these things have been long established by Daryl Morey and others that wish to limit the other teams offensive output at the professional level. But having used other basketball game tracking apps out there, I've learned that it's all about ease of use when entering game stats. The youth of today IMHO is handicapped by the Participation Trophy mentality that many parents and coaches have imposed on them so as not to hurt their fragile egos. You also don't need seperate buttons for offensive and defensive rebounds - it can infer that from which team just shot. Lavorato also believes it makes the game so much more interesting for the players and philosophically. Brie Voorheis, Murdock High This is a critical report for us and this tool makes me a better coach. That gives me a tool," says Orange City University High (Fla.) boys . I looked at TO% a while back and forgot about it. Really help me with the project I am working on!!! But in reality FT shooting has to be considered in addition to the 2pt and 3pt shots you take. It causes pride in recovery instead of disgust and disappointment or surrendering to the impending layup or easy basket. Murray - It does not an an international court. The IHSA surveyed basketball coaches around the state on the shot clock (and many other issues) in 2018. SHHS vs. Chicopee | Volleyball Game Pics | 04/24/23, SHHS vs. Longmeadow | Lacrosse Game Pics | 04/14/23, SHHS vs. Granby | JV Baseball Game Pics | 04/12/23, SHHS vs. Southwick | JV Baseball Game Pics | 04/10/23, SHHS vs. Palmer | Baseball Game Pics | 04/07/23, SHHS vs. Minnechaug | Junior Varsity Lacrosse Game Pics | 04/04/23, SHHS vs. Minnechaug | Varsity Lacrosse Game Pics | 04/04/23, South Hadley Dareball Playoff Pics | 03/09/23, South Hadley Senior Night Basketball Game Pics | 02/10/23 (Varsity), South Hadley vs. Amherst Senior Night Hockey Game Pics | 02/03/23, Your email address will not be published. Often times, assistant coaches are spotters. Printed from TeamRankings.com - 2005-2023 Team Rankings, LLC. The next most-efficient shot? You could potentially structure your stats like this:Your Points Per Possession (Offense)Opponents Points Per Possession (Defense)Then have the rest of your stats below thatEFG%Reb%Etc.The reason I did not structure like that is because PPP does not make much sense to my players. Maine South coach Tony Lavorato has done nothing but win in Park Ridge, averaging 21 wins a year over the past 11 seasons, winning five regionals and a sectional title while playing in one of the states toughest conferences. The thing to consider is schools like ours, Clemente coach Adam Hoover said. Maybe. Thanks for posting! I'm coaching a 5th grade boys team and am wondering would this be beneficial at this age level? So for me it's just a logical way to tell the story of the game and see precisely why we won or lost. Los Angeles knocks down 12.7 three-pointers per game (10th in the league), while its opponents have made 12.2 on average. Biancalana, who spent 10 years as a college assistant coach at Bradley and UIC, has a lengthy list of reasons why he thinks that is true. That's our goal every time we play a game. A good percentage will help you cut down your opponents fast break opportunities -- which allows your defense to get set and cut down on personal fouls. Records and MIAA rankings as of Monday morning. Nothing is worse than working really hard on a possession only to foul your opponent and gives them two easy free throws. That's the only way to win a game. The base regulation time of a high school basketball game is about 42 minutes. Formula - How to calculate Team Possessions. 2) Defensive Rebounding Percentage (DReb%) - DReb% is the percentage of available rebounds the defensive team gets. Let me know if you think it is valid. TeamRankings; BetIQ; PoolGenius; TeamRankings; BetIQ; PoolGenius; Show Menu . Also, what happens after most turnovers? Joe Girard COP Highlights 2 4,559 views 3:26. Adding a separate shot chart report is high on our priority list. It is one of our key individual most important plays along with deflections (which indicates you are in position, anticipating and playing hard), First to the floor which helps us win the 50/50 balls along with charges which protect our basket. In the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history, officials seize First Republic Bank, selling its deposits and most of its assets. He personally loves all the strategy involved, believing the hidden parts of the game become more free-flowing, such as forcing guys to transition offensively and defensively better. Scoring was mostly between 111-113 points for about 20 years (from . I love those charts, says Lynden Christian (Wash.) girls basketball coach Brady Bomber. Dennis,Just to clarify a bit further. But, if all those makes were three-pointers . The app makes it much easier to collect and calculate all the stats you'll want to improve the performance of your team. That comes to about 15 seconds per possession on average. It's not rocket science. Some players do not do well with low minutes and other players have diminishing returns with high minutes. We have been doing this for several years now and have learned a few things along the way. Anything below it? But this app will make it easier. Most everyone, based on their success and the scores of games they play in, would initially believe Livatino would be steadfast in his dissent for the shot clock. Then after a couple weeks I have them add more stats as they get comfortable. In 2018-19, players are making early 3s at a 37.3 percent rate, whereas the more patient variety splash home at a 35.5 percent rate. This year, that number is up to 21.3 percent. the offensive possessions for the Eagles . 4) Fouls - Fouls are the enemy of good defense. The first four stats give you an instant snapshot of what's happening in the game. 2005-2023 Team Rankings, LLC. But sometimes you get people just not comfortable. If you can shoot a higher EFG% than your opponent, you have a chance to win the game. Terms & Conditions | 10 years ago I would have said this is mostly a mathematical exercise, but given what the Warriors and Rockets have done to the NBA, I see it becoming a practical concern. The reason for that is that early 3s are more likely to go in. If fact, I'm going to add something to the beginning of the article to mention that. I like the app and thinking about purching it. keep up the good work! A series of passes leading to a shot which is saved and results in a corner kick would comprise one possession since the same team retains control, but more than one sequence, since the ball has gone out of play. Most will fall into the 60-80 range, though. If you're having an off shooting night, you better have a team that is capable of getting more FG attempts than the opponent! No. Dave -Yes, we have considered those ideas for the app. Pingback: Self Scout - Asking Tough Questions. At the beginning of the season I will just ask they keep a handful of basic stats I want. Livatino thinks it benefits everyone from the players to the fans to the coaches. That's the only way to win a game. Some people only track a few stats. Fans and media hoping timed possessions will increase scoring and entertainment value of high school basketball might be disappointed by examination of MaxPreps data. I hope you don''t mind, but I will definitely be stealing this idea. :). The IHSA is aware of the movement and has a system in place for rule changes. Give it a try, it's free! You will also find that some proponents of having more turnovers per game will reference stats of the best players in the NBA and how they have the highest turnovers per game rate in the league. 5) Attempts in the Paint - This is a critical stat that affects offense, defense, and all areas of the game. The shot clock puts more coaching into the game, said Ellis, who has guided four teams to Peoria and brought home four state trophies. A score-stop-score sequence is most desirable. North Star State hoop darling Tyus Jones doesn't get credit for this one. In addition, players often commit fouls trying to make up for mistakes and stopping lay ups in transition. A typical high school basketball game lasts approximately 1.5 hours. If your team is good at running their offense they will be able to pass and catch all night and good shots will develop. The 28-win team in 2012-13 averaged 50 points a game. Evanston coach Mike Ellis is also a major proponent for the addition of the shot clock to the high school game. This leaves us with a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma: is the efficiency low because the sample size is low, or is the sample size low because the efficiency is low? The last four seasons, the Orange have had an offensive APL rank of 41, 12, 133, and 4, while their adjusted tempo has ranked 252, 209, 177, and 41. So, it's a tradeoff between having more buttons to look for vs. taking extra time to answer a second prompt. FG% is only relevant if the two teams' FGAs are relatively equal.You mentioned you don't emphasize FT% much but I would go further. Enter your email and we'll send you exclusive predictions and analysis. When it scores more than 113.3 points, Miami is 19-6. This chart is used for tracking game flow and can give you valuable real time info such as points per possession (PPP).

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